You've begun the process! If you feel you need assistance, we offer writing, editing, and manuscript formatting assistance as you proceed in your book publishing preparation. We know what the online retailers require, so we will save you any time-consuming adjustments.

ongoing awareness


You begin with an idea.

You expand upon it.

Your creativity sparks. 

You bring it to life by mapping out the main ideas, points, and structure.

You realize that it's great information, and you continue to perform creative brainstorming. 

You create a story.

You realize that you are crafting valuable information that can and should be shared.

Let's get started!  

Meeting all of your needs throughout the self-publishing process

Your book will continue to spread awareness as we offer opportunities for you to share your insight in interviews, social media chats, videos, and you can assist and co-promote others who are going through the same process.

writing, editing, and formatting

Mission + Vision

marketing, Distribution, and channel management

Put your words on the paper. Let us help you with the rest.

creative Discovery & Planning Workshops

Before you get too far into the development of your content, make sure you plan appropriately as you create your book using the proper formats, layout, and design as required for publishing on Amazon and other online retailers.

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Final Preparation & Cover Design

Meet and support other authors who expand consciousness.


You have your initial draft ready to go, and you are polishing your book for publication. You are ready to create a perfect visual display that emanates the truth of the information you are sharing. We can offer guidance and direct assistance in the final review process and graphic development of your book cover.

Let's do this! You are ready to get this masterpiece published and out for the world to see. Let's discover the best options for its distribution and promotion, and we will feature your new book in our Author Community. We will feature all of the newly published works in the gallery so we can all assist one another in inspiring and helping to elevate the consciousness of the planet.